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Title Chunho Tech, awarded midsize business merit from Prime Minister
Date 2017.12.22


-Selected as a merit for midsize business in Incheon, Bucheon in 2017 and awarded from Prime Minister

 Chunho Tech announced that they received prime minister’s commendation from ‘2017 Incheon, Bucheon midsize business merit ceremony’ on 20th bestwestern Incheon royal hotel.

The award ceremony for the merit of midsize business is holding at Korea Federation of SMEs and selects an exemplary employee and merit of midsize businesses.

Chunho Tech is an enterprise expertise in developing vehicle dash cam since 2009, and it’s having business not only in domestic sales but also exporting to Japan, Myanmar, and Vietnam etc.

Also it was awarded for ‘10 million dollars in exports’ on 5th from 54 Trade day celebrations.


Chunho Tech launched connected service brand ‘snack’ on 6th, and will provide various products which can use comfortably in vehicle and house.


 Mr. Kim dong chul said “We will do our efforts to provide service and product which can pursue safety and comfort, and develop our company as offering customer satisfaction and trust.”