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Title Release In vehicle air monitoring dash cam, Biscuit W1
Date 2017.06.20


- Measures CO2 of car interior and notice to ventilate air at the exact time.

 - Provides ‘Soda Air’, Car CO2 measurement, and free install event for launching ‘Biscuit’.


Chunho Tech CO., LTD. , expertise in developing vehicle dash cam, launched ‘snack’ official web site as a connected service. Also Chunho Tech announced that they will release ‘Biscuit W1’ on 21th June which is a first dash cam for monitoring car air condition.


This “Biscuit’ is a specialized product for providing not only clear picture of day and night time with Full HD, HD 2 channel 30 frames, but also can use ADAS function with connecting GPS antenna.

Especially, it has focused on safe driving function by connecting with ‘Biscuit’ and showed in vehicle air monitoring ‘Soda Air’.


 ‘Soda Air’ is an indoor CO2 measurement, and it shows CO2 figure in real time when it connects with Biscuit. 

 It gives an alarm for 3 levels which is 1,000ppm Fresh, 1,001~2,000ppm Not good, over 2,001ppm Bad, and it notice by alarm sound to refresh air when it’s ‘Not good, Bad’ level.


Moreover, the main functions of ‘Biscuit’ are ▲ Format free, restoring damaged file ▲Helper for safe drive (needs to connect with GPS, sign for using service) ▲Time-lapse parking record ▲Low heat design ▲High temperature On/Off. However air measurement ‘Soda Air’ and exterior GPS antenna is using same port, so it can’t be used at the same time.


Chunho Tech CO., LTD. is having ‘Biscuit’ launching event until 20th July. First of all, when you buy ‘Biscuit’ they will provide ‘Soda Air’ and installing event for free. Also there were various participating opportunities such as free memory update to 32GB, certificate the original by homepage and Facebook Like etc. 


Chunho Tech’s staff said “We are glad that we released dash cam not only for monitoring accident but also monitoring air for the first time. We will keep develop and provide various functions for driver’s safety.”